Through My Lenses

I’ll be making the case that a Maine Woods National Park & Preserve is good for Maine, good for animals, good for the environment, good for the economy, and will create good sustainable jobs.

My video infomercials and mini-documentaries will demonstrate the many benefits that a new national park will bring to Maine, and will answer the questions that doubters and opponents have raised.

I am also actively involved with the “Occupy Maine” movement by documenting as much of the daily activities as I can. This blog is being use to support the growing world-wide movement and to provide information about it.


2 Responses to Through My Lenses

  1. Larry Bearce says:

    Hi I just saw the video of your chat with Special Delivery. We had the priviledge of meeting and spending four days on the Appalachian Trail with Special Delivery ending at the James River Foot Bridge near Glascow Virginia in May this year and It was good to see that he had made it all the way to Mt Katahdin.
    We are building a web page of our section hiking on the Appalachian Trail and would love to include your video as part of our Virginia hiking experience. If you would be willing to e-mail me a copy I would really appreciate it.

    Larry Bearce
    15 Lawson Rd
    Westford Ma. 01886

  2. Delina says:

    Hello Mr. Trembaly,

    Thank you so much for giving us a way to be heard at the Occupy Maine movement. I just wanted to bring to your attention that the clips are great I was able to see all that you’ve posted and at first they were very good but lately seems like the music is too loud and you can barely hear the voice of the person who is speaking. I hope there’s a way to correct this

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